M.A.Tech Co., Ltd. opens the future of automotive technology with high-quality products and state-of-the-art technology.



2022.10M.A.Tech Co., Ltd. 3rd factory completed

2022.07Designated as a local star company in Daegu

2021.06Selected as a partner company by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

2020.03Selected as a honest taxpayer by Daegu City

2020.02Received a commendation for capacity building and development n the machinery industry in Daegu


2019.04Acquired HKMC SQ (E-Coating)

2019.04Acquired GM CQI-12

2018.10M.A.Tech Co., Ltd. 2th factory completed (E-coating business)

2018.10Received 2018 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

2017.09Established MES computer system

2016.09Upgraded QSB to BIQS

2013.10Challenged to become a hinge & pulley specialist

2011.12Awarded the Tower of 10 Million Dollar Export


2009.11Awarded the Tower of 5 Million Dollar Export

2006.01Renamed to M.A Tech Co., Ltd.

2005.12Acquired TSI 6949 certification

2005.10Acquired HKMC SQ certification

2002.11Acquired HKMC SQ certification

2001.11Selected as a leading company by Daegu City


1999.04Selected as the best quality company by Daewoo Motor

1999.03Started business with Global Gates

1998.05Company expanded and relocated

1990.01Company expanded and relocated (Seongseo Industrial Complex, Daegu)


1989.09Started business with Daewoo Motors (currently GM KOREA)

1985.01Started business with Daewon Kangup

1984.03Myeong Seong Precision founded (Buk-gu Industrial Complex 3)