M.A.Tech Co., Ltd. opens the future of automotive technology with high-quality products and state-of-the-art technology.

CEO Greeting

We, M.A.Tech Co., Ltd have been producing only automobile parts.

Thank you very much to all customers who visited the M.A.Tech Co., Ltd. website.

Since its establishment in 1984, M.A.Tech Co., Ltd a company specializing in automotive parts, has been supplying auto parts such as automobile body hinges, power train parts, and pulleys by applying a strict quality assurance system to the lineup of press, welding, surface electrodeposition painting, and assembly.

In particular, in the stamping process, we have technological power and price competitiveness based on our own mold design and manufacturing capabilities.

M.A.Tech Co., Ltd is a local star company that seeks the best technology, best quality, reasonable price, and best functionality, and strives to grow into a world-class automobile parts manufacturer in the competitive era of the 21st century, armed with an enterprising spirit and rational thinking.

We would like to ask for interest and support from our customers who love M.A.Tech Co., Ltd.

CEO of M.A.Tech Co., Ltd.